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Wether you’re making one from scratch or baking a frozen pie, you will love using your Big Ass Pizza Cutter. If You are ordering takeout, you’re going to ask “Hey who’s doing the cutting Momma Mia?”

  • Order-BAPCNowAt 24” from tip to tip our Big Ass Pizza Cutter weighs in over two pounds. Its name is fun, but its 3” wide, 22” long blade is all business and ‘Man Cave’ attitude. Sure to spark up conversation that turns every pizza into a PIZZA PARTY.
  • The full tang blade is Computer Laser cut from 201 Food Grade American Stainless Steel. Just wipe it off with a soapy sponge, rinse under the tap and dry thoroughly after each use.
  • The handles are hand finished American Hickory. They are 1.5” thick so your palms can rest and push comfortably on a substantial surface. The two piece Handles are secured through the full tang steel blade with counter sunk fasteners, and stained with a “flax” color finish, then sealed with a satin clear coat varnish.
  • We grind and polish a .020” cutting edge. This edge combined with the extraordinary leverage created by the shape of the blade and the outward extension of the handles help you generate wicked cutting pressure. Lean into each cut, and rock it!
  • The BAPC has a convenient hole by each handle to provide multiple hanging options, or you can readily store your BAPC in the wide Pots and Pans drawer under your stove or oven.
  • Safety first. Blade comes with a vinyl edge guard – take care when removing or putting it on. Safe use is your responsibility

    • We’ve provided a convenient hanging hole in the blade by each handle, so you can hang your “Big Ass” vertically from either end, or horizontally with hooks engaging both hanging holes
    • You can also opt for convenient storage in the baking pans drawer found under most ovens.  These drawers are generally about 28 inches wide inside, so your 24” ‘Big Ass Pizza Cutter will readily fit.
    • Safety first.  Protect the blade as well as fingers by always storing your “Big Ass” with the Blade Guard.

    • Please wash thoroughly – and carefully – with dish soap and sponge prior to first use.  Never put your “Big Ass” in the dishwasher.
    • Clean your “Big Ass” by giving it a nice – and careful – wipe with dish soap and sponge.  Rinse under the tap and dry it well.
    • Carefully place the Blade Guard over the blade of the clean and dry cutter.
    • Should the blade ever need sharpening, use an appropriate sharpening stone and follow sharpening stone maker’s directions.  Safety first.

  • Using the Big Ass Pizza Cutter should be pretty intuitive.  Look, you’ve got two hands; it’s got two handles.  And as you might have guessed, you just hold it with the cutting edge down, toward the board.  So just grip it.  Push it.  And rock it back and forth till you’re finished cutting the pie.

    It’s that simple!  But you know lawyers; they say a dumb ass may possibly get our cutter so we’ve got to provide everyone with these instructions:

    1. Put the pizza on a big, flat, preferably wooden, cutting board.  Or use the cardboard from the pizza box.  (The oven and the Pizza is going to be hot – so try not to burn yourself
    2. Remove the Blade Protector.  Hold the cutter vertically in one hand, and grasp the part of the blade protector that extends beyond the blade and pull it away and down.  Set it aside.  (Need we warn you to mind your fingers, and keep clear of everyone else’s fingers once the protector is off.)
    3. Cut the pie into slices or squares:

    hp1Grasp the Big Ass Pizza Cutter firmly in both hands,
    Lower one end a bit outboard of the edge of the pie and press down into and through the Crust
    While keeping pressure on that end, press down on the other end is a rocking motion
    Rock it back and forth if needed
    Repeat the process until you are done cutting your Pizza.

    1. Clean your “Big Ass” by giving it a nice wipe with a wet sponge plus dish soap.  Rinse under the faucet.  Dry it well.  Please, never stick your “Big Ass” into a dishwasher.
    2. Carefully work the Blade Protector back unto the Blade.  It’s always best to have about ½” of Blade Protector extend beyond  one end of the Blade (see #2)

    • Here’s a News Flash.  This thing can be dangerous.  So don’t you do anything dumb ass with it, or let a dumb ass use it.  And don’t let any smart ass kids use it either; fact is, as smart as they are, they can do some really dumb things.  Be smart.  Be SAFE.  Enjoy Pizza.
    • Not to be used as a toy or machete, guillotine, sword, boomerang, fetch-stick, scraper, razor, knife or weapon of any kind.  So you gotta pledge, “We will only cut PIZZA, as directed.  Promise.”
    • You’re responsible to make sure the Big Ass Pizza Cutter is NEVER dropped, tossed, waved around or juggled.
    • Keep tiny fingers from poking into the laser cut out ketters within the steel body of the blade.
    •  Keep onlookers and fingers clear of the cutting area.  Stick to cutting just the PIZZA.

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What Our Clients Are Saying


Received the cutter today. It is better than I was hoping for! Thank you so much for making an excellent product. I will be buying another for myself and recommending this site on Facebook.

— Stan

“Best gift ever. So cool to have my name cut right through the blade.”

— Bemsiev

“It’s seriously over the top. And it doesn’t destroy the pizza when you’re cutting it. It’s a 10”

— Matt P

“I just made my first pizza ever with straight slices. I could never keep the wheel cutter going straight.”

— Jeremy

“It steals the show. It makes pizza a party. Everyone goes nuts over the name. They love it. It’s fun.”

— Swany

“All my buddies were over for pizza. The Big Ass Pizza Cutter was an awesome hit. Now they are all ordering one for themselves. Can I get a commission?”

— Eric P

“I fold back the edges of the cardboard box they delivered it in, and get my Big Ass Pizza Cutter to finish cutting the pieces they didn’t finish.”


“The blade reaches all the way across the pizza! Never seen a cutter that could do that!”

— Cloyd

“Your Pie Cutter Rocks “

— Mike L

“Man I love the new cutter”

— Debbie G

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