Greetings (and Eatings) from Europe!

This past summer, I visited some Baltic countries.  Naturally, I was intrigued by the wide  variety of PIZZA. Creative, but weird.  Think of all the stuff people the world over are inclined to put on an open face sandwich. Those are the boundaries that apply to pizza, which is a kinda sorta open face sandwich you can load up with whatever suits you (so long as it starts with a drizzle  or smear of some form of tomato sauce.  No rules.  Just right. Maybe not. I took this photo in a snack-shop-cafe.

Looks beautiful, but at least serve it hot.  “Come on, Man!”

(In America, cold or room temp Za is not so much a food as it is morning-after-pharma.)

P.S. – in all fairness, Stockholm has a great selection of specialty pizzerias sure to please traditional to edgy aficionados.