Pizza Secrets

Pizza Queen LOVES her Big Ass Pizza Cutter!

Hi Tom,
Just wanted to let you know… My Pizza Queen LOVES her Big Ass Pizza Cutter!  And so does everyone else!   We show it off all the time!
Congrats again on your obvious successful marketing of the product, and I hope you continue to exceed sales expectations!



Tom’s Trip to France

Pizzerias are everywhere.  Even here in this medieval village high above the Mediterranean between Nice and Monaco.  
Carryout in Eze is literally, carry out – no box needed.  Here is a local (next photo) carrying out his own pies – taking them for a walk home. He was gracious enough to pose for a quick pic with Pam.  

bapc-italy eze-france clerissy-pizza-2

Spooky Pies: A Terrifyingly Tasty Halloween Promo


A UK pizza chain is trying to scare up new business in October with four “spooky” pizzas designed by food artist Prudence Staite. The company released photos of the terrifyingly tasty pies, which include the image of a scary clown topped with mozzarella, asparagus, peppers and a bright, red cherry tomato for the nose. Other macabre masterpieces include a flesh-eating zombie, a death skull and, perhaps most disturbingly, a woman with a spider crawling out of her mouth.

Check out pictures of all these culinary creep-outs at

Linebacker Tackles Pizza Assailants


The four crooks had a simple plan—order a pie from Beggars Pizza in Chicago, have it sent to a vacant house, and overpower and rob the innocent delivery driver. But their scheme unraveled quickly—and painfully—when the franchise owner, Napoleon Harris, delivered the pizza personally. The problem? This pizza man is a former linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings, a 6’3 mountain of muscle who has dealt with a lot worse than a few thugs hiding in the darkness. Guess who came out on top?

Read about how this entrepreneur went “Hulk Hogan” on his attackers at

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Greetings (and Eatings) from Europe!

This past summer, I visited some Baltic countries.  Naturally, I was intrigued by the wide  variety of PIZZA. Creative, but weird.  Think of all the stuff people the world over are inclined to put on an open face sandwich. Those are the boundaries that apply to pizza, which is a kinda sorta open face sandwich you can load up with whatever suits you (so long as it starts with a drizzle  or smear of some form of tomato sauce.  No rules.  Just right. Maybe not. I took this photo in a snack-shop-cafe.

Looks beautiful, but at least serve it hot.  “Come on, Man!”

(In America, cold or room temp Za is not so much a food as it is morning-after-pharma.)

P.S. – in all fairness, Stockholm has a great selection of specialty pizzerias sure to please traditional to edgy aficionados.


Alleged Russian Hacker to Face His Toughest Foes: Pizzeria Owners

He has a sickle-shaped scar on the side of his head and called himself “Psycho” online. His dad is a member of Russia’s Parliament. His attorney represented notorious serial killer, Ted Bundy. And he claims that his arrest by U.S. authorities was essentially kidnapping.Russian native Roman Seleznev’s wild story has been unfolding for years, but it’s finally being made public in a high-profile trial in Seattle. Prosecutors have identified Seleznev as a master criminal who hacked into American pizzerias’ computer systems, stole credit card data and sold it to buyers who subsequently racked up $170 million in expenses on customers’ compromised accounts.

Prosecutors say Seleznev ran a hacking scheme that ran for six years and targeted mostly pizza restaurants in Washington state. The alleged scheme hit more than 200 businesses, including Red Pepper Pizza in Duvall, Washington. Red Pepper owner Steve Bussing told the Associated Press that he and his wife had to spend about $10,000 to replace their computer system after it was hacked. Bussing will testify against Seleznev, along with owners and managers from Village Pizza in Anacortes; another Red Pepper Pizza in Duluth; Casa Mia in Yelm; and several Mad Pizza and Pizza franchises around Washington.


At one point, Seleznev—the son of Valery Seleznev, a prominent Russian member of Parliament—hacked under the nickname “nCuX,” which is the transliteration of the Russian word for “psycho,” according to prosecutors. He later went by “Track2” and “2Pac.” He was arrested, with considerable subterfuge, by U.S. Secret Service agents at a Maldives airport in 2014—he was reportedly on his way back to Russia at the time. However, Seleznev’s attorneys claim that his arrest was essentially a “kidnapping” that violated international law. They also assert that prosecutors have failed to adequately connect Seleznev with the hacking crimes.

And then there’s the Bundy connection. Among Seleznev’s current team of attorneys is one John Henry Browne, best known for representing Ted Bundy, one of the most notorious serial killers in history, and U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, convicted of murdering 16 civilians—including nine children—in the Panjwayi district of Afghanistan’s Kandahar province. Browne has recently published a memoir, The Devil’s Defender: My Odyssey Through American Criminal Justice from Ted Bundy to the Kandahar Massacre.

After Seleznev’s arrest, the plot of the story thickened further while he awaited trial in Seattle. In recordings of prison phone calls, Seleznev and his father allegedly discussed organizing a jailbreak with the help of “doctors” and “magicians.” His father has even claimed that the U.S. arrested Seleznev to force a prisoner swap with the Russians for Edward Snowden, who famously leaked classified documents stolen from the National Security Agency in 2013.

So how do hackers steal so much credit card data from pizzerias? By targeting their POS systems, many of which run on old computers with outdated security. Seleznev allegedly hacked into pizzerias’ POS machines and uploaded malware to the restaurants’ house computers; the malware intercepted credit card info and transmitted it to Seleznev every five minutes, according to the federal indictment.

TOM’s Pizza Secrets

tps4I was born in Hungary – and came to America as a 10 year old refugee.  I discovered Pizza at a YMCA summer camp when I was 14.  WOW.  Over the years I added my special Hungarian touch to this American favorite:

  1. Start with a frozen thin crust margarita or supreme pizza
  2. Add extra fresh chopped onions on top
  3. Microwave thinly sliced spicy Hungarian sausage on paper towels to reduce the fat (I get the sausage on line from Bende Salami Company – mail order Hungarian food store in Chicago)  Distribute the sausage slices on top of the pizza.
  4. Spoon on a thin layer of Lecso – a rich, wonderfully flavored tomato sauce with cooked red pepper strips.  (Order your jars of Lecho from Bende – you’ll also love Lecso over eggs or even over white rice)
  5. Sprinkle on blend of cheddar and monterey jack shredded cheese, to hold it all together.  (I get this at Costco.)
  6. Season the top with garlic powder, parsley and cracked pepper.  And I also like to add jalapeño pepper slices and or banana pepper slices – usually on one half of the pie.
  7. Bake at 400 degrees till the crust browns well
  8. Cut it into squares with my BIG ASS PIZZA CUTTER